Our Requisition

At Rossland Diagnostic Clinic, we strive to provide quality care and services. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an appointment at your earliest convenience.

How to download our requisition for easy access through your EMR


– Open Accuro and select the Accuro “Menu” (red icon at bottom-left of the screen).
– Click “Tools” then “Form Editor”
– Once a pop up is visible, click ”Tools” again
– Click “Publish/Download”.
– Ensure category is in “Standard Forms”.
– Search for our requisition form (Rossland Diagnostic Clinic)
– Click “Preview” to view
– Click “Download” to complete.

Telus Health

Step 1: Click here to access our requisition file (inserted file here)
Step 2: From the Records window, please choose Settings then Edit Custom Forms.

Follow these steps to import the requisition into PS Suite:

In the Forms window, from the File menu, choose Import Form(s).
Once you reach your computer’s desktop – double-click the folder that contains the custom form file you saved in the previous step.
Click the Choose button.

➔ Another option is to drag and drop your saved file into the custom forms window
➔ You will then receive confirmation that your form has been imported successfully


Below are the steps to follow to download and import our Requisition from the repository to your OSCAR EMR:
1. Search for eForms under your administration tab.

Please search Rossland Diagnostic Clinic
2. To download please select the “download button under “Action”
3. You can find the ZIP file you just downloaded in the downloads folder on your computer
4. On your Oscar EMR go to System > Administration panel > Manage eforms > Import > Choose our file > Import
5. Once it has been downloaded – you will be able to add your customs to the form

Our Requisition

To request physical requisition pads from our clinic, please fill out the following form: