Stress Test

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Stress Test

What does this testing entail?
In order to help with cardiac rehabilitation, it can be utilised to detect coronary artery disease, exercise-induced aberrant cardiac rhythms, and your exercise capacity. To get the ideal heart rate needed for this test, you will walk faster on a treadmill. Your technician will affix a number of EKG electrodes to your chest and connect you up to the treadmill’s computer. To establish your status while at rest, your technologist will then take a resting EKG and blood pressure reading. The treadmill will then be set to a low pace and incline, and you will continue walking on it until you feel you can no longer go any further.

What need I do to prepare for this test?
Bring your signed requisition from your doctor to your visit along with a valid OHIP card. Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment.
On the day of your test, dress comfortably and wear running shoes. Also include a list of any drugs you are currently taking. On the morning of the exam, avoid applying cream or lotion. Please consult your referring doctor to get permission to stop taking Beta Blockers (Bisoprolol, Atenolol, Metoprolol, etc.) 48 hours before your test if you are taking any of these drugs. Before quitting any medicine, always with your doctor.

How long is the test?

It will take thirty minutes to finish this examination.

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